Our Apple Orchard

From August 15th to October 15th, come pick our crispy and delicious apples.

Apple Self-Picking

The Apples

The varieties available in our orchard are: White Apple, Vista Bella, Jersey Mac, Paula Red, Sun Rise, Mac Intosh, Spartan, Cortland, Empire, Honey Crisp, Gala, Delcorf, Russet and Ambrosia.

Our First Product

La Ferme des Petits Cailloux was born from growing apples in our orchard. The harvest starts in mid August and ends in mid October. We use refrigeration techniques to make sure our apples stay fresh and crispy all year long just as if you just picked them right out of the tree. We deeply care about eco-friendly organic farming. As such, we are constantly searching for new methods and alternatives to pesticides and we innovate by applying healthy production methods.